Teaching Software, Professional Development and Resources for Evidenced Based Learning

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We offer teaching software, lesson planning tools, professional development and other resources for classroom and distance learning.

Why Choose Edify Consulting?

Are you and your teams focusing on:

  • Distance learning with continuity of instruction consistent with your District’s pacing guides?
  • Competing with neighboring schools for student enrollment?
  • Mediocre movement of your annual State Assessment scores?
  • The disparity between high classwork grades and low test scores?
  • Persistent learning gaps despite intervention efforts?
  • Continuity of instruction from class to class, and from grade to grade?

Using Google, Edify Consulting has bridged the gap between technology and Classroom Curriculum in response to Coronavirus Covid-19 school closures. Place your students in front of their actual teachers each day, regardless of school closures. Simulate a regularly structured school day. Implement standards-based instruction (Not simply “drill & practice”). Track and monitor evidence of student learning in real-time. Learn more about the H.E.L.P® distance learning Protocol.

Raising student achievement will require that data-driven instruction be more than a catchphrase. Developing students who are college and career ready requires mastery of the skills and concepts within the core standards, and the ability to apply them in real-world contexts. Edify Consulting can support your efforts to raise student achievement by providing tools and professional development for the master educator.

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