About Us

Achieve Excellence Through Innovation

Edify Consulting was founded by former Principal and teacher Jacqulyne “Jackie” Hardiesty. As a principal Jackie “saw the need for consistency and continuity in education.” She said, “teachers were struggling to teach very diverse groups of learners and the tools that we had simply were not getting the job done.” Jackie had some ideas about how educators could be “innovative in teaching our students and pushing forward a learning standard” so she thought she’d give it a try.

Try she did. Jackie created the Hardiesty Evidentiary Learning Plan (H.E.L.P.) including teaching software known as the Mastery Tracker which is already receiving praise from educators around the world for its remarkable ability to track student progress in real time. After reviewing the Mastery Tracker, educators loved the concept and could hardly believe what they were seeing. One educator stated, “This is the first time that there are authentic data analytics for education” and another said, “This is the first time we’ve ever been able to see student level data at the central office level.” Educators’ comments and reviews were surprisingly consistent as most similarly remarked, “This kind of data has never before existed!”

Word of Jackie’s creations spread quickly around the world. Members of the United Nations education arm, UNESCO asked for a preview, after learning about the H.E.L.P. and Mastery Tracker, and have inquired about implementation of applications in a broad range of settings from Universities to refugee camps.

As veteran educators we understand the everyday challenges of raising student achievement. Edify Consulting provides innovative technology, teacher resources and highly effective professional learning to directly impact teaching and learning.

Introducing “technagogy” as the integration of technology and effective pedagogy is how we provide a world class education for a future of unlimited paths. 

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