Project Description

Interactive Workshops

Implementation of the H.E.L.P.™

 The H.E.L.P.™ is a customized tool to support standards-based instruction and formative assessment for ELA and Math. It is designed to facilitate evidence-based learning toward the full intent of your state’s K-8 academic standards.

Each standard is deconstructed to provide individual lesson objectives and sub-objective learning targets.         

    – Alignment w/ District Pacing Guide

Staff will engage in identifying corresponding planning pages (lesson plan template and matching Mastery Tracker) to directly align with district curriculum guides for each quarter.           

  • Instructional Calendar (grade-level teams & Resource teachers)

Teams will determine calendar days needed for each standard/unit,. Will review school and District calendar to consider “test” days, field trips, assemblies, school holidays, etc. to insure they are accounting for legitimate instructional time.

– Planning with the H.E.L.P.™

  • Selection of multiple texts for each primary ELA lesson
  • Preparing  differentiated content
  • Selection of varied drill and application samples to insure multiple opportunities for practice  
  • Collaborating to determine pre-selected artifacts for grading and standards-based report cards.
Formative “Real-time” Assessment

Data collection using the H.E.L.P.™ Mastery Tracker App by App Maker.

Staff will engage in implementing the H.E.L.P. Mastery Tracker for gathering evidence of mastery during instruction.

Contact us to discuss site license rates for school-wide and district-wide use of the Mastery Tracker! 

Evidence of Mastery – “Do or do not. There is no try.”Jedi Master Yoda

The focus of this workshop is authentic data-driven instruction.  Staff will learn to seamlessly integrate real-time assessment into daily instruction for mastery learning of Math and ELA. 

What Constitutes Mastery?

This session will focus on developing a shared understanding of what constitutes mastery.

Grade-level teams will collaborate to identify agreed upon performance outcomes. Teams will plan for the use of rubrics, exemplars and models to align with the H.E.L.P.™ content objectives and PLDs (performance level descriptors).

RTA Data – “Now what?”

Staff will engage in process of analyzing data from the H.E.L.P.™ Mastery Tracker to inform planning of next steps of instruction and interventions.

Teams may also choose to analyze quarterly benchmark assessment data to identify the next steps of instruction and interventions.

Planning for Mastery

Planning for Mastery is an interactive workshop where teachers use the state standards deconstructed and Mastery Tracker Data to plan for the next lessons in their progression. Educators learn to;

  • Target instruction based on the progress and specific needs of their students
  • Insure tight alignment with state standards and district pacing guides
  • Plan focused lessons that get to the full intent of the standard
  • Efficiently utilize district adopted texts and varied resources
  • Set grading criteria for standards-based report cards.

Real-Time Assessment

Move from, “Can anybody show me…?” to “Can everybody show me…?”.

The Mastery Tracker App is designed to collect real-time assessment data during the lesson with the touch of a screen on your mobile device. Now teachers can “check for understanding” and immediately record what they see. Real-time assessment data is then used to

  • Inform the next steps in the current lesson“Do I move to Independent Practice, or model one more example of highlighting supporting details?”
  • Inform the next lesson plans“I want to include a review of finding area at the beginning of tomorrow’s lesson on volume.” 
  • Inform individualized interventions – “Mastery Tracker data shows Cameron and Ian struggle with subtraction regrouping. I will provide place value mats, manipulatives, or use three colors to highlight each place value on their guided practice problems.”
  • Continuity of instruction with Resource support“When Mike comes to the Resource room this afternoon, we will focus on rounding. The Mastery Tracker shows that he struggled with it in his gen ed math class yesterday.”

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“We have to know what is supposed to be happening, before we can offer support!”

Are your teachers posting objectives on the board…for you? Do they stop instruction to have the class restate the lesson objective…for you? Are they taking the time to post the skill of the day…for you? Many leaders require such compliance so that they will know what is being taught during the few minutes they visit the classroom each week. It is not only disruptive, but creates a compliance drain on time and effort that might otherwise be used in serving our students.

In the 4 Minutes for Feedback workshop instructional leaders gain proficiency and independence in observing standards-based instruction. The strategy is designed to enable principals, coaches and other administrators to use a single tool to independently;

  • Discern the standard and lesson objective within 4 minutes of entering the classroom!
  • Provide objective and relevant feedback that will influence the practice
  • Evaluate the strength of teacher’s content knowledge and delivery
  • Identify which students are progressing toward mastery, and with which sub-objectives
  • Identify stellar master teachers to tap as mentors or PLC leadership
  • Glean coaching targets and PD targets for individual teachers, PLC teams or school-wide focus

Teacher Feedback

Teacher Feedback

Provide relevant and purposeful teacher feedback critical to influencing teaching & learning

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

Provide evaluations with unbiased perspective and data-driven objectivity.

Coaching Targets

Coaching Targets

Observe for teacher content knowledge or delivery targets in need of focused coaching efforts.

Data-Driven Instruction

Authentic Data-driven instruction provides critical information in multiple areas. The Data-driven Instruction workshop is for teachers, coaches, site administrators and District administrators. Participants will gain proficiency in analysis of the Mastery Tracker’s formative assessment data to;

  • Inform the next steps of instruction
  • Provide evidence in support of Standards-based Report Cards
  • Provide remediation targets for math and reading interventions
  • Coordination and alignment of Gen Ed and Resource instruction
  • Analyze School-level data to determine the need for materials, coaching , PD, etc.
  • Analyze District-level data to determine the need for materials, coaching, PD, etc.

The Instructional Leader

“We cannot lead others to proficiency in that which we ourselves are not proficient.”

Are you a principal who makes every effort to “make an appearance” in every classroom as often as you can? Being present goes along way toward building a positive culture and climate. As for raising student achievement…not so much.

As the instructional leader, the best way to influence your teachers’ pedagogy is to address your teachers’ pedagogy. Your teachers show up with a competence in content and practice, and so should you!

The Master Instructional Leadership Workshop is a collaborative and interactive session for school site leaders, coaches and instructional leadership at the District level.  Leaders gain greater proficiency in;

Balancing Leadership
  • Climate/Culture vs Student Learning
  • Our Prime Directive
Speaking To The Pedagogy!
  • Influencing Through Observation
  • Principal & Coach Feedback
  • The Principal Snapshot 
  • Video Simulations

Site Leadership PLCs

  • Analyzing the Practitioner Data
  • Data-informed Decision Making
                            Make your walk-throughs count!