State Standards Unpacked

Every state provides a set of adopted academic standards as the framework for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. In many instances they are dense and convoluted, making it very easy to overlook required skills and concepts embedded in the themes. As a result, varied interpretations occur among teachers as to what each of the standards conveys.

Deconstructed Standards: Content Planning Manuals

The Deconstructed Standards: Content Planning Manual translates each of the K-8 state standards for math and English language arts. Effective teachers unpack the standards, but this step literally adds hours to the lesson planning process each week.

In each grade-level manual the standards are unpacked and presented as individual lesson objectives, and their corresponding sub-objective learning targets.

Every standard is translated to segment the academic content for lesson planning and execution of lessons that are carefully chunked for optimal learning. It is designed to support teachers in getting to the full intent of the standard and without reinventing the wheel each time.