Coronavirus Covid-19 HELP Plan B Emergency Response Instruction Protocol

Edify Consulting Uses Google Technology To Bridged the Gap Between Technology and Classroom Curriculum In Response to Coronavirus Covid-19 School Closures – Get Distance Learning Training for your Teachers

With distance learning the new challenge, place your students in front of their actual teachers each day, regardless of school closures. Simulate a regularly structured school day. Implement standards-based instruction (Not simply “drill & practice”.). Track and monitor evidence of student learning in real-time.

Get rapid implementation using grade-level teacher trainings scaled school, district, and state-wide. If needed, your teachers receive state of the art training by Google partners who are certified experts in Google for Education and G-suite tools.

Already using Google Classroom and other G-suite tools?

Your teacher teams will receive distance learning training including the Mastery Tracker and standards-based instruction to seamlessly convert curriculum from classroom to distance learning. Learn how to convert your district adopted curriculum into  effective distance learning format. Get continuity of instruction consistent with your District’s pacing guides, finally bridging the gap between technology and classroom curriculum.

Principals and District administrators get innovative training on providing instructional leadership in distance learning environments. Leaders quickly learn how to execute virtual classroom walkthroughs, as well as how to analyze data collected by the Mastery Tracker for grade-level, school-wide and district-wide decision making.

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An effective emergency response requires you to quickly identify the problem, minimize the damage (mitigation) and find resolution (peace of mind – return to normalcy).

Coronavirus Covid-19

Covid-19 is the current emergency disrupting student learning. Covid-19 has caused great uncertainty nationwide. The CDC lacks data sufficient to advise how long schools should be closed. State and local officials have warned that schools may be forced to close anywhere from 2 weeks to 9 months or longer as the pandemic progresses.


Effective distance learning is key. Place your students in front of their own teachers each day, regardless of school closures. Simulate a structured school day. Implement standards-based instruction (Not simply worksheets.). Track and monitor evidence of student learning in real-time.


Students master the academic content for their grade level without disruption. Teaching staff engage daily in the teaching & learning cycle. School administrators engage daily in relevant instructional leadership. Seamless transition back into classroom learning when schools reopen.

Here’s how you can ensure that student learning continues even when the schoolhouse doors close. 

The H.E.L.P.® Plan B deploys the powerful tools of G-Suite, Google Classroom and the Mastery Tracker to provide remote instruction meticulously designed to improve teaching and learning and intentionally move students to mastery.

The protocol provides for:

  • Live teacher instruction via Google Hangouts Meet video-conferencing
  • Standards-based instruction using Google Classroom
  • Daily class schedules at set times to maintain structure
  • Student – teacher interaction in real-time
  • Student progress monitoring using the Mastery Tracker
  • Principal instructional leadership

Rapidly mobilize teaching staff and administrators to virtually recreate the familiar learning environment. Large groups of teachers can be quickly trained state-wide by grade level or content department. Edify Consulting will provide training to enable your teachers to:

  • Lesson plan and create instructional content in e-learning formats
  • Align lessons to your state standards and District pacing guides
  • Use Google Hangouts Meet to provide direct instruction and modeling
  • Use Google Classroom to post instructional content (e.g., slides, videos, practice sheets, etc.)
  • Monitor student work in real-time
  • Use the Mastery Tracker to collect student progress data and daily attendance

Distance learning is often perceived as independent, adaptive learning and “drill & practice” software. Video game-like graphics are used so students will “play” their way to learning. The Plan B Protocol ensures our students engage in standards-based instruction, provided by their own teacher and ensuring targeted learning outcomes. Interactive instruction is provided in the virtual classroom at the same time each day, Monday to Friday, so that the daily structure, so critical for children, is maintained.

Contact Jacqulyne Hardiesty at (480) 788-3482 to discuss specific details on how to quickly and efficiently implement the H.E.L.P.™ Plan B Emergency Response Instruction Protocol.

Other Practical Uses

  • Students isolated for disciplinary reasons
  • Students isolated for health reasons
  • Temporary emergency school closures
  • Supplemented homeschool needs
  • Other remote learning needs

Until now most alternatives to classroom instruction offered only independent and isolated options to be “figured out” by teachers or parents. Don’t risk settling for worksheet packets, unproductive and fragmented contingency plans that fail because their purpose is only to help teachers and students stay busy in the moment. Contact us now to learn more about the H.E.L.P.® Plan B Emergency Response Instruction Protocol. Provide your teachers and students with a well-planned, standards-driven, quality classroom experience even during school closures.

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