Closing Learning Gaps With Our Lowest Performing Students

Two of the most problematic effects of the pandemic in education are the inconsistencies in instructional time and modalities of conveyance. While all students have been affected, our lowest performing students and students with learning impediments are experiencing progressively widening learning gaps. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to mitigate the loss of … Read more

Types of Learning Gaps

The topic of learning gaps is on the tip of millions of tongues of educators around the globe. The term is being conflated with several others, particularly in the field of education. In order to establish a common language among master educators here are the terms defined for our purposes: Learning gap – Learning gaps … Read more

Closing the Learning Gaps In Reading

Closing the Learning Gaps in Reading

Closing the learning gaps for our students will require us to take a hard look at what we were doing even prior to the pandemic. Part of the reason we consistently have struggling readers is the simple fact that they are not reading enough. We have previously addressed what are learning gaps and misconceptions regarding … Read more

Closing the Learning Gaps In English Language Arts


The Pandemic has created massive disruption to our education system and it is most recognizable in the areas of teaching and learning. Few students will emerge on the other side of this without learning gaps. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to mitigate the loss of learning. For a brief refresher see, what … Read more

Techniques For Identifying Learning Gaps

Magnifying Glass

In an effort to regain momentum and support our students in closing learning gaps, we must first understand what are learning gaps. The go-to tool for schools around the world is ostensibly the standardized assessment. But while such assessments provide a global view of the overall academic achievement, the data they provide are too general … Read more

What Are Learning Gaps?

What are Learning Gaps?Learning gaps are gaps in student learning created when teaching and learning moves from one concept to the next before a student has mastered the prior skill. Have you heard the debate about which is better, measuring student mastery or measuring student growth? Of course you have. The argument has been around … Read more

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally Responsive Teaching

What is Culturally Responsive Teaching? Culturally responsive teaching is a method of teaching that recognizes the culture of the students in your classroom. It is basically knowing who is in your room. We are more multicultural than ever. Being aware of who is in your room allows you to create a deeper connection and level … Read more