Introduction to the Mastery Tracker

Mastery Tracker

Edify Consulting creates software, tools, and other resources to support educators in their efforts to raise student achievement. Its Mastery Tracker software is already being celebrated by educators across the globe as a one-of-a-kind application that creates actual student level data for improved student learning and data driven decision making. The Mastery Tracker gives you the unpacked State Standards in the palm of your hand. Your grade-level content is already deconstructed and segmented into manageable chunks for learning and accessible at the touch of the screen on your mobile device. It simplifies your lesson planning and tracking student progress toward mastery. The Mastery Tracker supports your classroom instruction with real-time assessment data to inform your next steps of instruction by tracking evidence of student learning during the lesson. You can quickly and seamlessly evaluate your students’ progress on each and every sub-objective learning target as you move through the lesson.

Here’s what educators say after previewing the Mastery Tracker:

“Good Stuff”

“This is the first time that there are authentic data analytics for education”

“Never seen a tool like this with completely objective information”

“A lot of potential”

“This kind of data has never before existed.”

“The first time there has been actual data for the teachers.”

“A massive amount of data at your fingertips.”

“This is the first time we’ve ever been able to see student level data at the central office level.”

“You can actually measure how effective a teacher is.”


“Valuable with many internal uses”

“This will change how education is done.”

“Takes accountability to a whole new level.”

See the Mastery Tracker in Action by Clicking the Video Below

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Jackie is a teaching and learning consultant and founder of Edify Consulting. She is a former Director of STEM Integration, Principal and former teacher.