211, 2019

Data-driven Decision Making…For Real This Time

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Are your annual Academic Improvement Plans copied and pasted from year to year? Do principals simply tweak the percentages for math and ELA? Can they explicitly describe how they will move 4th grade Math from 42% - 70% this year?  If we are being honest, we will have to admit that our efforts to improve student achievement have not changed much in the last 30 years. Your most recent [...]

211, 2019

Visible Learning

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Are you challenged with moving the needle on student achievement? If we aspire to real growth, data-driven instruction will need to be more than a catch phrase. Schools currently use quarterly benchmarks and outcomes from the annual state assessment to evaluate overall school health and achievement. The challenges with these current data sources lie in their lack of objective or concept-level data. While the state and District are able to [...]

1701, 2019

The Common Core Standards: The Chatter vs. The Truth

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The Common Core Standards: The Chatter vs. The Truth Child Looking Through Microscope The Chatter Recent soundbytes have offered continued opposition to the use of the common core standards in public schools. Everyone from President Trump to the cashier at the local grocery store has managed to form an opinion about why we should or should not be using the common core standards. Interestingly enough, it [...]