Mastery Tracker App

We have combined best practices in education with cutting edge Google technology to provide real-time formative assessment for every student, for every lesson.

The Mastery Tracker (formative assessment data tracker)

The Mastery Tracker is designed to track formative assessment data in real time. Every student, every skill, every lesson. Teachers gathering data after each segment prevents the development of learning gaps and practicing misconceptions. It informs the teacher if he or she should move on to the next section of the lesson, or go back and reiterate a concept. After all, the whole point is not to cover content, but to get students to mastery, right?

  1. How Do We Know If Students Are Learning?
  • The Mastery Tracker provides real-time formative assessment data. Teachers gather a definitive data point on each learning target within a lesson with a touch of the screen on their mobile device during the lesson. Right now we can see the hardware, the online tools and our busy kids, but we cannot necessarily see progress toward mastery. This tool provides skill-specific data for every student, on every lesson, every day.
    • Parent-teacher exchanges before Mastery Tracker – “He’s doing poorly in math? You just don’t like my kid!”.
    • Parent-teacher exchanges with Mastery Tracker – “I see my son is not doing well with converting decimals to fractions. What can you do to support him?” 
  • The Mastery Tracker provides clear and specific data for interventions and standards-based grading. Whether we are distance learning or in the school building, we are responsible for closing learning gaps. The Mastery Tracker provides sub-objective level data on every standard for every student. Individualized and targeted interventions are a snap since the app highlights struggling students by name, and which learning target within a standard is causing the challenge. It enables teachers to build individualized intervention structures to meet every student where they are, and to effectively close learning gaps.
  1. How Do We Assess The Learning Gaps Created By The Disruptions Of Covid-19?
  • Students lost a considerable amount of learning time in the Spring of 2020, as well as summer school and late back-to-school openings. The Mastery Tracker provides skill-specific data to identify learning gaps. No need to invest valuable instructional time on additional benchmark testing that can only provide general standards-level data. The Mastery Tracker supports teachers in identifying potential learning gaps that can then be embedded as prerequisites in on-grade-level instruction, or included in targeted intervention structures.