• Are your teachers required to post the day’s lesson objective on the board…for you?
  • Do they stop teaching and restate the lesson objective…for you?
  •  When you enter a classroom, do you interrupt a student to ask what they are learning today?

Most principals do. However, this practice is unnecessarily disruptive. It distracts the teacher, pulls learners off task, and moves the focus away from the “customer”; our students.

4 Minutes 4 Feedback is critical professional learning for instructional leaders. K-8 school leaders will learn to independently identify the standard and lesson objective within 4 minutes of entering a classroom.

Effective use of those first 4 minutes will allow leaders to provide relevant and objective teacher feedback for the sole purpose of improving teaching and learning.

Let’s be honest, while “making an appearance” can support culture and climate, it has little to no influence in raising student achievement. Your Principal walkthroughs can become one of the most  powerful tools in your instructional leadership arsenal. Convene your leadership team for 4 Minutes 4 Feedback today.

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