4 Minutes 4 Feedback (Click for details)


Your leadership teams will be able to glean the Standard and Lesson Objective within 4 minutes of entering a classroom. Without disrupting the learning!

Increase the value of your classroom walk-throughs by providing teacher feedback exclusively to influence teaching & learning. No more comments on “cute” bulletin boards or “warm & inviting” learning environments. Principals, APs and Coaches will be able to confidently address content, presentation and student outcomes all within a 6 to 8 minute walk-through. 

The data from your feedback will enable your leadership team to 

  • Identify Coaching Targets (individual teachers)
  • Identify PLC coaching focus (grade-level teams)
  • Recognize additional resources needed
  • Identify differentiated PD targets

Get beyond the diagnostics and lean into the prescriptives!


4 Minutes 4 Feedback

In this onsite PD and coaching session your site leadership team will train and engage in classroom walk-throughs. 

Your site leaders will gain proficiency in 

  • Independently recognizing the Standard and Lesson Objective within 4 minutes of entry
  • Observing teacher pedagogy (what to look for)
  • Providing influential teacher feedback in real-time
  • Analysis and use of grade-level and school-wide observation data

We cannot lead in that which we are not proficient ourselves.

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