Planning For Mastery: Half Day (Click for details)


Imagine teachers leaving a PD session with their finished lesson plans in hand!

Your teacher teams will collaboratively engage in relevant and current work on upcoming lessons. While they are used to getting only strategies and ideas in PD, in the Planning For Mastery workshop they will leave with completed structures and lesson plans to be immediately implemented. Nothing to drop in the obligatory “PD File”, and no legwork to do later.

Calendars, content, lesson plans…Done!

In this workshop we actually take something OFF of their plates! 


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In this interactive workshop, your teachers will gain proficiency in

  • Lesson Planning for mastery using the state standards (Already unpacked!)
  • Alignment of quarterly content w/ District Pacing Guide  
  • Collaborative calendaring for team pacing 
  • Getting to the full intent of the standards
  • Effective use of District adopted texts

PD for every teacher, at every level!

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